Wednesday, 1 February 2012

'Arry Redknapp: England’s finest? Do me a favour...

The most startling revelation to come out of the 'Arry Redknapp tax evasion trial so far is not that the former Portsmouth boss was paid £4.2m a year to manage a club which now can't pay its players. Nor was it the claim that the man touted as being the next England manager ‘writes like a two-year-old’ and ‘can’t fill in a team sheet’ (and people complain that Fabio Capello’s English isn’t good enough….)
No, it was BBC News 24’s assertion that 'Arry is “the best English manager of his generation”.  Now, at first glance, in a world where most of us were brought up by MTV and an academic challenge is a few multiple-choice quizzes at GCSE, that seems like a reasonable statement. 

An FA Cup with Portsmouth in 2008, a League Cup runners up medal with Spurs in 2009 and better than either of those achievements, fourth place in the Premier League the following season, again with Spurs, is a fine set of achievements.  Ooh, and let’s not forget victory with England at Soccer Aid in 2008. And, who else is there to consider?

England's best? Don't make me laugh...
'Arry’s 65 next month, so the only Englishman of a similar age working in the Premier League at the moment is Roy Hodgson and he’s shit isn’t he?  Okay, he might be a two-time UEFA Cup finalist as a manager and maybe he was the LMA Manager of the Year in 2010 (an honour never bestowed on 'Arry) but he's never won Soccer Aid.