Friday, 27 May 2011

Something For The Weekend - 27/5/11

Well, what a week. What we all already knew has been confirmed. Yup, Sir Alex Ferguson's a miserable old twat. But enough of that, here's the five best footy posts I've read this week.

Ten conclusions to make from Arsenal’s season 2010/2011
By The Arsenal Column - Follow on twitter @ArsenalColumn
1. Mental fragility cost Arsenal the season
There is a valid assertion that with the youth policy, certain characteristics – in some cases, the key characteristics that make up the anatomy of a successful football club – have had to be exaggerated and the others, harder to reproduce. Full article >>

By thecrisfiles Follow him on twitter @IrishChristof

It seems fitting that I have come over to visit the very territory in question that I will write my very first blog about, Northern Ireland.
Having been brought up in a very nationalist part of Northern Ireland in the 80′s and 90′s, I have grown up with a load of lads in my village playing football down at the local park, sporting Republic of Ireland shirts and not the shirts of the state in whic we play this beautiful game. Full article >>

The Champions League Coach: A Young Man’s Game?
By GhostGoal - Follow on twitter @GhostGoal

For many the personification of genius is the wizened portrait of Albert Einstein in old age. And yet, the famous professor was in his early forties when he received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. Moreover, his key research on the subject had been done while still in his twenties. Full article >>
The announcement that Peter Ridsdale is expected to become the new owner of Plymouth Argyle at a purchase price of £1 seems to have come as no surprise to anyone other than the Spinmeister himself apparently.  He says “This is not a transaction that I sought or contemplated but, if it is the only route to guarantee a future for Plymouth Argyle Football Club, it is a route that I am prepared to take.“  Very noble of him I’m sure. Full article >>

Champions League Final Predictions
By Surrealfootball - Follow him on twitter @SurrealFootball 

When ITV asked us to contribute to their predictions piece, we were delighted – finally recognition for our writing talent and football knowledge. Apropos of nothing, we’ve decided to pull together some opinions from our favourite writers on the Champions League final. Full article >>

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mees tudios said...

Si blog è accattivante. Mi fa piacere. Grazie per questo bel pezzo di scrivere con me.

L'Inghilterra ha un bel gruppo di giocatori di calcio belle di quest'anno