Friday, 20 May 2011

Something for The Weekend - 20/05/11

We're back!! Did ya miss us? Blogger killed all the fun last Friday by 'crashing' during 'essential maintenance'. Yeah, whatever... Anyhows, here's our five favourite things from this week.

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I gave up competitive sports in my mid-teens. “A victim of the 90s,” you might assume, but it wasn’t the parents or coaches who turned me away. I was lucky, to be honest. My parents always supported my efforts with fruit snacks and soft drinks, the most a ten-year old version of myself could ask. Full article >>

Marriage of Inconvenience
By Greg Theoharis on Dispatches From A Football Sofa - Follow him on twitter @gregtheoharis 
A year ago, soundtracked by a score of ethereal tranquillity and the desolate scattering of rustling papers in the wind, Nick Clegg went for a walk across this country’s dales and tower blocks. He looked us square in the eye and decried that politics had let us all down. Full article >>

What next for West Ham?
By Daniel Speller for NatterFootball Follow them on twitter @Daniel_Speller and @NATTERFOOTBALL

As a 16 year old West Ham fan I’ve seen them relegated twice, lose an FA Cup final, lose and then win a Play-Off Final and yet I remain strangely optimistic. Grant’s immediate sacking yesterday was some form of consolation for many Hammers fans, who like me, feel that he should have got the sack in January. Full article >>

The Sacrificial Lamb
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So, that Avram Grant. He’s bobbins then.
Following the dismissal of the Premier League’s most wonderfully miserablist manager — a man once lampooned by Martin Kelner as “looking like he goes to work on a gondola of skulls” — it’s been open season on the poor sod. The well-connected on Twitter have been dripping stories of his organisational and operational inadequacy into the public domain, while those of us less in the loop have been reduced to making jokes about his resemblance to Baron von Greenback. 

Five good decisions in this Premier League season
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These were the decisions I liked during this Premier League season: 1. West Bromwich’s decision to sign Roy Hodgson. It was all to easy to dismiss him for his Liverpool failure. He clearly demonstrated he did not have the personality for such a big job. Full article >>


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