Friday, 6 May 2011

Something For The Weekend - 05/05/11

Thank Crunchie it's Friday and here (ranked in no particular order, AV fans) are five things you might have missed from the last seven days. Take them into the weekend with you and give them a read if you haven't already.

Gone but not forgotten – Il Grande Torino and the tragedy of Superga
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“The Torino team is no more… it has disappeared…it is burnt…it has exploded”
The chilling words of Vittorio Pozzo, quivering with emotion, and resonating with anguish through the years, mournfully recalled around the world on this tragic day, the day, sixty-two years ago, that the incomparable Il Grande Torino perished at Superga. Full article >>

Why did Leeds sell to Ken Bates, who claims he has no money to invest?
By David Conn on The Guardian - Follow him on twitter @david_conn 
Ken Bates was attempting to "end the speculation" and settle what he derided as "scaremongering" over Leeds United's anonymous offshore ownership by announcing today that he has finally bought the club himself.  Full article >>

Norwich City and Football Ciches
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In football clichés are commonly used to supply end-of-match comments from managers. Though often mocked they serve a purpose to their masters, namely avoiding being misquoted.  The media are thirsty for snapping a sentence out of the mouth of a manager and inventing it in a new way.  Clichés help avoid this. Full article >> 

A Conspiracy of Dunces
By Dispatches From A Football Sofa - Follow on twitter @gregtheoharis

“Sometimes to me it is disgusting to live in this world and have this football world for a living.” – Jose Mourinho
As the Happy Couple performed their much-anticipated nuptials and the world looked on with a sense of either wonderment, pride or sneering indifference (delete where applicable), much more sinister forces were at work behind the highly guarded barricades of Buckingham PalaceFull article >>

The MLS Marketing Plan
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Don Garber, the commissioner of MLS, recently articulated an important concept relating to the way MLS is going to be marketing itself in the future.  Essentially, he said that he believes there are plenty of soccer fans in the U.S. and that MLS’s job is to convert these soccer fans into fans of the League. Full article >>

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