Friday, 8 April 2011

Something for the weekend - 8/4/11

As ever, here's our weekly round-up of five of the best pieces (in our humble opinion) you may have missed this week. Enjoy!

Politics and Personality in Sport: In the Commercial Era, Does Tradition Matter?
By Cris Wolfrey on Just Football - Follow him on twitter @chriswoolfrey
In the last piece I wrote for Just Football I retold the story of Matthias Sindelar, the Austrian footballer who symbolised, in part, a nation’s defiance of their Nazi occupiers; an archetype of Austria’s considered and poetic passing game. Sindelar represented not only the Austrian football team but Austria’s intelligentsia and their consciousness expressed through sport.Full article >>

Rooney’s broom
Twisted Blood - Follow on twitter @Twisted_Blood

What is a football club? Let’s first adopt a strictly material attitude and suggest that a football club is the sum of all its parts: players, staff, stadia, training facilities, badge, whatever. So Manchester United is Sir Alex Ferguson plus Wayne Rooney plus Ryan Giggs plus Paul Scholes … plus red shirts, white knickerbockers, and an eye-watering soul-sapping maelstrom of debt. Or, in abstract terms, any football club F consists ofp1, p2, p3 … pn, where p is a component part of F and n is the total number of distinct component parts. Full article >>

Tottenham Hotspur’s Catch 22
Eleven Against Eleven - Follow on twitter @ElevenAgainst11

Tottenham Hotspur’s stratospheric rise to European stardom has been a truly remarkable and quite romantic tale this season. But just as the club is beginning to establish itself among Europe’s elite clique, it could soon find itself thrust aside by the financial powerhouses within the Premier League. Sadly, this season could be as good as it gets for Spurs. Full article >>

The Rooney Rules
By Left Back in The Changing Room - Follow on twitter @MarrsioFootball
Somewhat surprisingly, but pleasingly, the FA has taken action against Wayne Rooney for his foul-mouthed outburst upon scoring his hat-trick on Saturday against West Ham. I am surprised at this because I thought the FA would not stand up to a player of Wayne Rooney's standing (in the same way as I don't believe they would stand up to Gerrard, Terry or Lampard). I am happy to be proved wrong and that he is not above the FA's sanction and hope that the FA will continue down this vain in future when players commit similar offencesFull article >>

I'm not racist but...
By Spurs Simon - Follow on twitter @SpursSimon
As anyone knows, a sentence starting in that way will only ever end in a racist statement - and based on some recent sporting events and stories the issue of what is and what isn't racist is being discussed widely in the press and on line.
Sparked by a couple of recent headline stories, one about a banana being thrown at the recent Scotland v Brazil game and the fact that a club who played in the Champions League this week being investigated for potential racist chants. Anyone who believes racism in football has gone away is pretty naive, it is definitely miles away from where it was 30 years ago when throwing bananas and making monkey chants was seen as part of a standard Saturday afternoon for many people. Full article >>

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