Friday, 29 April 2011

Something For The Weekend - 29/04/11

Dear William,
(I can call you William, right?) I know you've proably got other things on your mind right now but over the weekend when you and Kate are chilling out after the Big Day, here's five of the best football posts from the last week which you may have missed (what with all the preperation and that).
PS Aston Villa; Really??

Brighty's Vested Interest
By Magic Spongers - Follow on twitter @magicspongers 
And here we were thinking we could go on holiday. If you haven’t read this latest piece of tripe by Mark Bright, please take a moment to do so while Magic Spongers cracks its collective knuckles and prepares for a bit of Brighty-panning, the nation’s new favourite sport. Full article >>

Fernando Torres: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Ignore The Drought
By Twisted Blood on SB Nation - Follow them on twitter @Twisted_Blood and @sbnation
Football's obsession with personal statistics, particularly goals scored, is as vexing as it is understandable. In a sport sadly lacking statistical nuance and analytical depth, it makes sense to focus on one of the few quantifiable achievements available to a player. But the fact remains that despite Fernando Torres' well publicised drought - insert your own El Niño joke here - Chelsea have been significantly better since he slipped into the No. 9 shirt. Full article >>

Women's Football and University
By Richard and Neil's Football Blog Follow on twitter @richardtbellis 

University might not seem the most natural home of a footballer. But for women's football in the UK it is an extremely important institution. Whilst interest and participation in women's football is growing all of the time, it does not have anywhere near the facilities of the men's game, which makes the development of young talent a lot trickier for the women's game. With virtually all of the players in the UK being semi-professionals, the players must have another job in order to have a good standard of living. Full article >> 

In Wenger we Trust: the rise and fall of New Labour and the road less trodden
By Calum Mechie on Good Feet For A Big Man - Follow on twitter @calumcm and @gdfeet4abigman

Like many oft-quoted phrases, ‘The King is Dead. Long live the King’ is widely misunderstood and often misused. Translated from the French “Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!’ the phrase actually expresses the immediacy of accession: that King is dead, long live this new one. Often however, for example in relation to Elvis or Michael Jackson, it is used to convey the sense in which the memory will live on, even after the death of the individual concerned. Full article >>

The Opening of Scunthorpe United’s Glanford Park in 1988
By Footysphere - Follow on twitter @footysphere

Back in August 1988 Glanford Park, the new home of Scunthorpe United opened it’s doors to the public. According to the official Iron website the new ground brought “gasps of disbelief” from supporters. Costing £2.5m it was the first new football ground built in England since Southend United had moved to Roots Hall in 1955. 
Full article >>

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