Friday, 22 April 2011

Something for the Weekend - 22/4/11

As we head into the Easter break, here are some things you might have missed from the last week. Put your feet up, grab a Creme Egg and tuck in...

Barcelona and the MLS Aesthetic
By - Follow on twitter @FutbolIntellect
"When I watch football it is art." Football presents us with plenty of ‘proper‘ ways to play the game. The Brazilians emphasize creativity and rhythm. The English, a direct game based on precedent. The tacticians focus on victory at any cost, and the ‘Arry Redknapp’s tell us not to worry and to let the players play. Recent media coverage, however, might lead you to believe that this variety of styles is a relic of the past. Full article >>

How do you solve a problem like Paul Ince?
By Saha From The Madding Crowd - Follow on twitter @WilliamAbbs
His early coaching success now a distant memory, Paul Ince found himself out of a job once again this month after leaving relegation-threatened Notts County. With several of his former Manchester United teammates having enjoyed relatively straightforward routes into top-level management, is it circumstance or something else that's holding back Ince's managerial career? Full article >>

 Inside The Mind Of The Football Blogger, Part 1
By Gav Stone of Les Rosbifs on - Follow them on twitter @LesRosbifs and @twoht

After the 17th website this morning, searching for Englishmen who play in the Canberra State League in Australia (there are none), something dawned on me. What the hell am I doing? Why am I spending hours on end searching for information about men who probably don’t exist (they didn’t) for an article that will only be read by a few people? (As a guide, a similar article on Englishmen in the New South Wales State League has been read 106 times). Full article >> 

Experimental Messi Poster
By Footynews - Follow on twitter @blastedfrench

(This isn't a blog as such, but a range of fantastic football-related artwork, please take a look) I'd love peoples opinion on this. I've replaced the photo of Messi with this illustration. I want to start doing every poster with the players in this type of style. What do people think? Please comment! . View artwork >>

The Race For Fourth
By Dylan O'Neill for BackPageFootball - Follow on twitter @BPFootball

Ah yes, the annual race for that final most sought-after Champions League place is finally upon us. 4th place, a place which defines the type of club you are. If you finish 4th you can declare yourself a ‘big 4′ club. If you finish 5th, well... God help you. Full article >>

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