Friday, 15 April 2011

Something for the Weekend - 15/4/11

Here's our round up of the best on the net from the past seven days. This week there's been a shed load of really good writing out there making the choice really tough. But here's the five we've chosen, please read them. Like the shampoo, they're worth it...

Stan Kroenke’s Arsenal Takeover: The Managerial Revolution
By Calum Mechie for Good Feet For A Big Man - Follow on twitter @calumcm and @gdfeet4abigman
In 1941, the American political theorist James Burnham radically Trotskyed his Trotskyism with the publication of his seminal Conservative text The Managerial Revolution. Here, Burnham posits that capitalism is disappearing but communism is not replacing it. Instead, he claims, society is becoming governed by the new class of ‘managers’ (hence the title) – a broad grouping of educated bureaucrats who have organised society in such a way as to take power into their own hands. Full article >>

Eye off the ball: Media Alibi
By - Follow on twitter @thegoal_line
The relationship between media and players is a curious one at best.  Languishing in the media’s ranks are ex-players who will always back their colleagues through thick and thin.  Journos have vested interests, criticising players might mean their paper doesn’t get the exclusive a season or so later.  Examples of this are legion and often a paper that lost out to a rival on such a thing might be sharpening the blades for the player in question. Full article >>

Roy of the Rovers predicts the future of football
Obscure Football - Follow on twitter @obscurefootball

Predicting the future of football is, sometimes, a hard task. Some predictions have been correct and others have been wrong, but one comes from an unlikely source. Whilst the “Glo-Ball Report… Date: 2092” feature in the ‘Roy of the Rovers Yearbook 1993′ may have been a light-hearted joke in 1992 but, in a sport where marketing and money has become more important, it is far more relevant in 2011. Full article >> 

Part One: Introduction, Aims and Context
By The Equaliser - Follow on twitter @equaliserblog

The first part of four in the serialisation of my dissertation ‘To what extent can Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona be considered to have been political institutions in Spain during the twentieth century?’, this instalment introduces the topic at hand and provides academic and historical context to the subject. Full article >>

Has the Eredivisie been hit by the G1N1?
By Mohamed Moallim for WorldFootballColumns - Follow on twitter @jouracule and @wfcolumns

There seems to be a highly contagious epidemic running through the Eredivisie.  Early signs include lapses of concentration on defence and attacking players frothing at the mouth when the ball is at their feet in the box.   If your club is exhibiting one or both of these symptoms then chances are that you’ll have to suffer through a rash of goals in the run-in to the season.  Recommended treatments include wearing brightly coloured clothing, especially a scarf round the neck in the team colours, regular chanting and stomping of feet to clear the lungs and improve circulation and plenty of fluid after matches, Grolsch and Heineken being the most effective tonics. Full article >>


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