Tuesday, 25 January 2011

So why did Darren Bent quit Sunderland?

These modern footballers, eh?  All they can see is pound signs.  Money, money, money - that’s all they think about. Loyalty, pah! If you want loyalty, buy a dog.  They won’t kiss the badge before buggering off to chase someone else’s stick.  Or something.

Anyhow, it’s easy to dismiss Darren Bent’s £24m transfer from Sunderland to Aston Villa as yet another in the long list of selfish Big Time Charlies only looking after for themselves. That’s certainly the way Sunderland boss Steve Bruce sees it (and let’s face it, he knows a thing or two about looking after number one).

But dig a little deeper and you'll find a couple of other, more personal, reasons why ‘Benty’ might have wanted shot of the North East.

Darren 'Big time' Benty

The striker's an obsessive tweeter, something through which he's courted a lot of controversyPerhaps some of that criticism's been justified, but how’s this for a tweet (sent in November 2009)?  “So we get beaten by Wigan and my mum gets racially abused by a Sunderland fan.” 

Yeah!  That’s loyalty for ya! A master class in how to make your new striker feel welcome just three months after they signed for the club.

For some reason Bent - no doubt once again thinking only of himself and not the reasonable need of Sunderland fans to vent their frustrations following defeat – wasn’t happy, calling it an ‘absolute disgrace’. 

(For the record, the offender - John Davison, 26, of Chester-Le-Street - received a three-year ban from football grounds after admitting using threatening words or behaviour in a racially aggravated manner.)

Fast forward to this week.  Bruce, while speaking of his shock at Bent's move, said: "I have to say; in the last few weeks we've all been scratching our heads saying 'is there something wrong with Benty? He doesn't look himself.'"

Well here's possible cause - in November last year Bent’s car was damaged by Newcastle ‘fans’ while parked in the city's centre as he, his friend and his friend's girlfriend were inside.

Now, it seems in Newcastle they don't discriminate when it comes to vandalising football players' cars - just ask Andy Carroll - but still, Bent lived in the city and it must have been an unsettling experience.  Although perhaps it hadn't registered with the club's management.


Either way ask yourself this -  what would you do if your mum was insulted by a fan of the club you played for and you'd been attacked by rival fans in the city where you lived, then some one offered you a pay rise to move to a new club in a different city?

Yeah, I'd ask for a transfer too.

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Martin Palazzotto said...

The only question I'd ask is what makes Benty think Blues fans will act any friendlier to Clarets than Geordies do to Mackems?